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Professional Teaching Services from Chicago's Premier Bagpiping Company

The best thing in the world is a well-played set of bagpipes.

Imagine that same set of bagpipes played by someone who has not had formal training on the instrument and the illusion is shattered.

Chicalba Bagpiping Services offers instruction to anyone over the age of 10 years old, who has a genuine interest in learning the traditional instrument that is the great Highland Bagpipe.

Teaching can be structured to suit those who prefer to have a basis in either Scottish or Irish traditional music. All students will be taught the basic fundamentals through a series of exercises before progressing onto music.

Many students choose one-to-one lessons, which normally take place in the instructor’s home, however alternative arrangements can sometimes be made if required.

All students will have an initial payment of between $80 and $100, depending on the cost of the materials and practice instrument from the supplier at the time of ordering. This pays for the practice chanter and all the necessary learning materials and exercise sheets (which are provided by Chicalba Bagpiping Services and also include an instructional DVD and supplementary, written notes).

Under 18’s pay $30 / hour for lessons
Over 18’s pay $35 / hour for lessons

Chicalba Bagpiping Services also has experience in working with groups or classes. Chicalba currently works with the Chicago Police Department,the Chicago Fire Department, The Fire Fighters' Highland Guard of Naperville, The Band of Brothers Pipe Band and the Lake County Fire Fighters' Honor Guard in group sessions and has taught classes at the Beverly Arts Center on the south side of Chicago.

Group rates vary and can be discussed as required.

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